5 min

An experiment in collaborative, synchronous documentary filmmaking, First Tuesday is a story told only by faces and sounds. Agony, delight, and suspense appear on the faces of a diverse group of Americans as they watch the televised 2020 Presidential Election.

Directed, Produced, and Edited by:
Ashleigh McArthur & Barna Szasz

Production and Cinematography:
Alicia Marie Martinez, Annie Munger, Aurora Brachman, Cristin Stephens, Eli Dreyfuss, Ellie Wen, Jake Chamberlain, Jennifer Vidal, Jin Zhu, Kristian Melom, Laura Tejero Nunez, Michael Flanagan, Michael Workman, Morgan Lieberman, Roxanna Ibarra, Ted Griswold, & Whitney Legge

Music, Sound Design and Mix:
Megan Jurek

Production and Additional Editing:
Ellie Wen & Annie Munger

Levente Salma