Jake is a screenwriter and a director/producer for agencies, educators, and the festival circuit. Clients include the Clinton Global Initiative, the Sorenson Impact Center, CatchLight.io and Hult International Business School.

Jake graduated from the MFA Program in Documentary Film & Video at Stanford University. He struck a chord with his trilogy on religion, produced at Stanford. This Cup, (2016), Non-Correlated (2018), and For the Love of God (2019) are each funny shorts about his faith crisis. Post-religion, the same vibration appears in his work about animal minds. In Ostriches at Night, Jake projects films for an audience of ostriches and asks: are animals capable of belief?

Jake is an Instructor at SF Day and the International Orange Documentary Academy. He is the co-founder of The Orange Door Studio with Barna Szasz. He is eager to chat about your brand and projects.

Switching to the first person, I am also hooked on surfing in Bolinas. I like comedy and short films. I’m an Alaskan. I want to work with a full and permanent team and to someday soon buy an electric VW van and a dog.

IG: @emptyrhetoric
Pen & Ink on IG: @ave.strus

E: mynameisjake74@gmail.com
T: +1 773 316 3559