A Comedy Web Series Directed by Jake Chamberlain
Written & Produced by Aida Teklemariam

Episode 1: The Over-the-Phone Job Interview

Episode 2: Cannnnnot Relaaax-uh

Episode 3: Beer Pong and The Recruiter

Written, Produced & Starring Aida Teklemariam
Directed by Jake Chamberlain

Tegist - Aida Teklemariam; Belle - Amy Bui; Samie - Alison Hill; Alan - Austin Thompson; Pak - Anirudh Mohan; Harjap - Kaushik Gollapudi; Nia - Kashmir Hyder; Yoga Instructor - Lynn Heinrichs; Yoga Associate - Ngoc Le; Mia - Belgica Rodriguez

Cinematography - Nacia Schreiner; Editor - Lauren Scully; Music - Wax Roof; First AC - Huong Vu; Sound Mix - Max Trinh & Francisco Arcinega; Gaffer - Mina Stollery; VFX - Carter Burwell; PAs - Hannah Herschend & Olivia Treynor; Opening Music - Zenan Robinson